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Africa and the Diaspora Together


IMG_1242 (2).JPG
ECO-6 Chairman H.R.H. Chief Timothy McPherson with
The Republic of Senegal President H.E. Macky Sall 
McPherson and Malema.jpeg

ECO-6 Chairman Chief McPherson with

EFF Commander-in-Chief Hon. Julius Malema 

A B O U T  ECO-6

A new era of cooperation between Africa and the global Diaspora
The Economic Community of States, Territories, and Realms of the African Diaspora Sixth Region was established by Treaty on August 1st, 2019.
ECO-6 has been established as an enabling framework for cooperation between members of the African Diaspora both among themselves as well as with continental Africans.
ECO-6 seeks to make the Diaspora the most important trading partner for Africa, with a view towards poverty eradication through African industrialization and internal trade.
By advancing the global African political dialogue in areas such as renewable energy, culture, education, agriculture, health care, security, and finance, ECO-6 will serve as a formidable catalyst of integration between Africa and the Diaspora.   

Who is the African Diaspora

Past and Present 

The Diaspora consists of almost 350 million people of African descent living outside of continental Africa.


It includes: 

i) recent immigrants from continental Africa

ii) the historic Diaspora, being those Africans who were enslaved by Europeans and forcibly brought to Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

The African Union has declared the Diaspora as the 6th region of the continent, and has invited the support of those people in Diaspora who are willing to contribute to the economic and social development of the continent.




ECO-6 Chairman H.M. Rex Semako I & VI Chief Timothy McPherson with His Majesty King Letsie III of Lesotho.

Letsie and Semako.jpg
Liberian Finance Minister Hon. Samuel D. Tweak Jr. (left) and
ECO-6 Chairman H.R.H. Chief Timothy McPherson (right) 
IMG_1250 (2).JPG

Former Nigerian President Chief Obasanjo (left), Jamaican Amb. Carlton Masters, and ECO-6 Chairman Chief McPherson 

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