Africa and the Diaspora Together


The House of Kings in ECO-6 brings together more than 6,000 indigenous Monarchs from throughout the continent and the Diaspora, including indigenous nations in Canada, Australia, the USA, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.    

The House of Kings has multiple 'Functions' and 'Powers' as stipulated in the ECO-6 Treaty. This includes Article XI (1) which states that the House "is concerned with the integrity and protection of African identity, and shall contemplate risk issues of foreign hegemony (cultural, economic, and social) within the Sixth Region and across the continent.


The House of Kings articulates its own modus operandi in its official representation of ECO-6 and has various powers to implement its policies and decrees. Formal structuring of the Royal Houses between the continent and the Diaspora have been achieved within the frameworks of the African Kingdoms Federation. The Royal Houses are assembled within a royal parliamentary structure wherein each King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Chief, et al are Royal Crown Members of Parliament (RCMP). The Head of the Royal Assembly is the Imperial Monarch who is represented in parliament by the Royal Crown Prime Minister & Royal Crown Vizier. The Royal Parliament formally establishes an alignment amongst the Royal Houses within the African Kingdoms Federation

The present and reigning monarch of the Throne is The Imperial Matriarch of the African Continent, the descendent of the NUBIAN Kingdoms Nation of the Continent of Africa Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah Debra Amelia SAI-Kasambu'RA III --Queen Shebah III the Queen of Sheba, Queen of the South.

The present and presiding Crown Prime Minister & Royal Crown Vizier is His Highness Chief Semako I & III Timothy Elisha McPherson.                 

H.I.M. Empress Shebah Debra Amelia SAI-Kasambu'RA III
Queen Shebah III the Queen of Sheba, Queen of the South
Crown Prime Minister & Royal Crown Vizier 
H.H. Chief Semako I & III Timothy Elisha McPherson

The Office of the Crown Prime Minister & Crown Vizier for ECO-6 and the African Kingdoms Federation is established within the sovereign indigenous Maroon territories on the Island of Jamaica.