The Office of the Secretariat works closely with the Council of Ministers and the House of Chiefs to direct the implementation of all ECO-6 programmes, initiatives, and projects. The Secretariat represents ECO-6 in the exercise of its legal personality and has at its disposal all the powers given to the Office of the Prime Minister for the Government of the African Diaspora.

The official seat of the Secretariat is at the ECO-6 Headquarters located in the Sovereign State of Accompong on the Island of Jamaica.

The ECO-6 Secretariat has been designed to engage the African Diaspora across all regions, including: Europe, the Americas, and Asia.


Key areas of priority for the Secretariat are:


  • industry, trade, finance and investment

  • employment creation and poverty eradication through industrialization

  • agriculture, food, and natural resources

  • knowledge transfer and human capacity development

  • communication and information technology

  • energy, environment, and sustainable development

  • science and technology

  • healthcare and preventive medicines     



Hon. Louis-Georges Tin, Prime Minister

ECO-6 Secretariat