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LUMI - The New Digital and Physical Currency

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Frequently asked questions

What is LUMI?
LUMI is a regional central bank currency issued in both physical and digital form that also has the intrinsic characteristics of a “stable coin”. This means that it functions as “money” in its most classic usage as:
  1. a medium of exchange
  2. a store of value, and
  3. a unit of account
Currency long name:             African Kingdoms LUMI
Currency short name:           LUMI
Currency code:                           AKL
Issuing Authority:                    African Diaspora Central Bank (ADCB)
Legal Entity Identifier:           894500ZVOL3A9LO8LP28
Underwriting Characteristics:
As sovereign ‘hard money’ LUMI is underwritten by 100kWh of solar energy and pegged to 4 grains of gold (0.2592g).
Commodity Settlement:
LUMI circulates as a medium of exchange amongst its secondary market users and is settled by real commodity in the primary market.
Primary Market Value:        1 LUMI = US$15.96
                                                            1 LUMI = 100 kWh solar energy
                                                            1 LUMI = 0.2592g
Distribution:                              Global                               
Licensing Year:                         2014
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